Project Overview

Taking trans-European axes and routes as its point of departure, “Transitive Modernities” was launched by Anne Reynes-Delobel (AMU) and Stamatina Dimakopulou (NKUA), under the auspices of CIVIS, in 2021. This project aims to explore established and hitherto uncharted connections between modernist trajectories across Europe and the Mediterranean, and Africa.

More often than not, modernist works were produced in multilingual and multiethnic environments at a time when borders were shifting, imperial and colonial rules were crumbling, while new Europeanisms were taking roots across countries, and nationalisms were being challenged. Many modernists crossed national and geographical, class, race or gender, boundaries, and worked in more than one national language, as well as across disciplines.

We aim to examine international, transnational and trans-European modernist trajectories through the study of various cultural forms and spaces, and focus on transnational connections and dialogues in conjunction with a recent reflection on borders, migration, mobility, collective memory, essential to understanding our current moment.  While these flows have often been explored as movements from the various ‘peripheries’ to metropolitan European (and Euro-American) centers, the project will also focus on reverse movements as well as on movements across the cultures of what is problematically called periphery. The study of such circulations will afford new perspectives on modernist legacies and posterities. 

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